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Adoption Reform Needs to happen to protect the children who are adopted. Unethical adoptions are another form of child trafficking, and needs to be stopped. There needs to be a change of both state and national laws, protecting natural families from scams, coercion, and other unethical practices. The Good Ole Boys network needs to be held accountable for their illegal practices and put in jail.

This new idea of open adoption is fraudelent, attempting to convince parents that they will get to have pictures and updates in a vague amount of time, a vague relationship, and vague visits. Be careful of these terms, and know that no open adoption is legally enforceable, because parents give up their rights, and the adoptive parents will be able to define any relationship under the guise of "the best interests of the child".

Adopters can placate the parents, making parents feel as though they have a good relationship, and begin to trust them. Click on the links for some safeguards to protect yourself and your baby if you are entering into an open adoption. Though, there is no failsafe adoption plan, open or otherwise. Despite home studies, adopters can fail to tell the child they are adopted, lie, divorce, abuse people, lose their jobs, and wind up in the same situations as parents in crises.

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