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In order to be an advocate for family preservations, it is important to be aware of how the system oppresses families. This here is a very basic guide of how some organizations manipulate, coerce, and beat down families in order to obtain a child. One problem with oppression, is that sometimes the oppressor does not realize that their actions are oppressive. This does not excuse their behavior.


Language is such a powerful tool. As don Miguel Ruiz says, "Be Impeccable with the Word", mean what you say, and choose your words wisely. (From the book, The Four Agreements).

Here is an example of a program that many adoption agencies and adoption lawyers use in order to disempower natural parents. Reform Adoption advocates for truth in terms.

Infant Adoption Training, an Expose

The above link is an attempt to challenge the oppressional thoughts against pregnant women. It is an attempt to dissect the manipulations, controlling words, the aura of authority, and to expose it for the emptiness that it is. My hope is to empower women, educate women, so that they are able to see when the agency is truly attempting to coerce them, rather than speaking in their interests. My hope is that people will read this, print it out, and become an advocate for pregnant women, or for pregnant women to either use this as a tool to see through their lies in the best interest of their life, and the true best interest of their child, to keep them. When all women and men are educated about the manipulations, they can no longer use them against us.
For brave soldiers: I urge you to watch this, if you can, and see how pregnant women are objectified. I have created a page to combat the negative stereotypes, assumptions, and negativity from the destructive "Infant Adoption Training" sponsored by the NCFA.