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Infant Adoption Training:
What You Need to Know to Empower Yourself: An Introduction

As you will see in this section, Adoption Professionals (et al) have a very poor sense of boundaries. If a young woman states their reasons for Not wanting an adoption, they have a response for every concern. This isn't just about informing people about adoption, it's about brainwashing people, manipulating people, in order to get them to sign papers. No real concern is given to those who would lose in the face of an adoption loss, rather, they are reduced to the feeling of simply not being good enough, and they give up.

We all know people who are like energy vampires. Be clear of those who would suck the energy from you, run far far away. You can try to give them your side, try to reason with them, but they will never agree, and they will keep on giving you their same routine, and they will leave you empty, and I would add, take your child when they have reduced you to this level. Don't argue with them. Just say you will think about it, leave, and see about moving, getting a restraining order (against the whole agency / lawyer, prospetive adopters, et al) and changing your phone number, because otherwise, they will continue to call you and harass you, waiting for the moment when you have a bad day, and they will strike you down, and steal your baby. This is how abusers operate. Protect yourself. These following words are the things they tell themselves, and will tell you, if you listen. Run far away.

Also, as this section demonstrates, professionals (and prospective adopters) are being trained to get you to sign papers and do adoption. They are not in a crises situation. If you do not place your child with them, they will move on to another pregnant woman. They may feel sad, but ultimately, they don't care about you or your child on a personal level, they are simply trying to get your baby. They will move on. Also, keep in mind, whether this pregnancy was planned or not, whether you have support or not, your body is changing, your hormones are altering, and you have a birth and child you are planning. Sometimes it may seem overwhelming, and when it does, go do something you enjoy. Go treat yourself to a warm bath, an ice cream, a walk in the park. While prospective adopters seem like they may be better than you to parent your child, also keep in mind, they've been planning on being parents for a long time, sometimes 3 years, sometimes 10, more, less, something in between, and when you spend that much time trying or looking, of course they are going to appear to be better. But, when you reach their age, you'll have experience, not just education of parenting.

-Module 1: Introduction
-Module 2: Background on Adoption
-Module 3: Counseling
-Module 4: Wrap Up & List of Readings
The readings will be listed in both Module 1 and Module 4. They are in .pdf format for quick access.

The course texts will be in regular font. The challenges to the program's premises will be in blockquotes.


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