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Connections USA

This site has a forum, chat, and is for people separated by adoption, pregnant women seeking support, and those facing the challenges of contesting adoptions, reunions, and adoption loss. Includes raising awareness, offering support, and fighting the misconceptions and oppressive beliefs of adoption.

Babies at Work Program

Carla Moquin is the president of Parenting in the workplace. Her goal is to create a movement of allowing babies in the workplace to help babies to develop, and help working parents, internationally. She also has written a book to help people interested in creating a Babies at Work program for people to start up. See if there are supporting companies in your area.

Keep Your Baby
Keep Your Baby

Are you young, pregnant, poor, or single?
Do people put you down for being unmarried or young?
Are people telling you that your baby “deserves a two-parent family”?
Are you afraid that you won't be a good mother?
Do you feel pressured to "place" your baby for adoption?

The purpose of this site is to help mothers of all ages and walks of life who are feeling pressured to "place" their babies for adoption. No matter what your age or financial circumstances, your pregnancy should be celebrated and your motherhood supported.

Birthmother's Info states:

"Unplanned" Pregnancy: Consider the Consequences Before "Giving Up" Your Baby For Adoption

Adoption agencies and adoption attorneys claim that "everyone benefits" from infant adoption. But if you or your unmarried daughter is pregnant, you may want to know the facts. How it will really affect your daughter's emotional well-being over her lifetime to keep her baby or to "give up" her baby for adoption. Will your grandchild really benefit from being cut off from family and raised by strangers?

Adoption Crossroads
Adoption Crossroads states:

Adoption Healing in conjunction with Adoption Crossroads is the largest network in the world for helping those separated by adoption with over 400 adoption aearch and support groups world-wide. A not-for-profit 501(c) 3 charity, Adoption Healing has adoption related literature, support groups, healing weekends, conferences and a nightly chat. We are dedicated to helping people who have been separated by adoption find each other. We are part of an international effort to preserve families, open adoption records, and educate the public about adoption related issues

Transracial Abductees

Transracial Abductees states:

Why Transracial?
We think this word sucks, but we like it better than interracial, interethnic, international, or intercultural. We chose transracial because 1) we think it will help people who are thinking about the racial politics of abduction find this website, 2) "trans" can describe a crossing or transfer from one racial setting to another, and 3) "trans" can be used to talk about a crossing or transfer between groups with unequal status and power. We don't like transracial because it doesn't explicitly suggest racism. What we'd like to say is transracist, but then people probably wouldn't find us.

Why Abduction?
Abduction is the word we like better than adoption. "Adoption" conceals the unequal power between abductors and abductees, and in the abduction industry in general.

Mothers in Exile
Mothers in Exile states:

We were exiled from our babies NOT because we were proven unfit, but because we were vulnerable (young, single, sick, or poor), and lied-to and coerced by social workers, doctors, lawyers, maternity homes, and churches: brokers that made money from selling our babies to a market driven by "consumer" demand.

Children's Rights


* Class Action Litigation
* Research and Policy Advocacy

We are a national advocacy group working to reform failing child welfare systems on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of abused and neglected children who depend on them for protection and care.

Adoption: Legalized Lies

Adoption: Legalized Lies is a non-profit organization that has been devoted to the preservation of true families and the abolition of adoption since its inception in July of 1998. To that end, we offer resources and encouragement for expectant families in need, participate in activism against the adoption industry, and provide a forum in which members of the anti-adoption movement can exchange ideas and support for one another.

Considering Adoption?
Talk to Our Volunteers First:
(908) 764-6998
We can give you honest, accurate information about the effect adoption will have on you and your child, as well as offer you resources and support for keeping your baby.