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Supports and Information about Adoption, Keeping Your Baby, Family Preservation Supports and Networking to other families in Nebraska

Click on the links to find support in any of the following categories:

Pregnancy Supports
Legal Supports
Preservation Supports
Post Adoption Support Groups

About Pregnancy Supports
Check out Free Medical Centers. In order to receive state medical insurance, they require written documentation verifying pregnancy. They may reimburse for retroactive doctor's appointments relating to the pregnancy, but if this is not a possibility, use free medical centers, or urgent care centers will tend to have reduced cost visits. Crises Pregnancy Centers suggest adoption to their clients. You may want to put your legal name, but not include your phone number or address as they may stalk you.

Pregnancy supports include la leche league support groups, filing for medicaid, food stamps, WIC, finding doulas and midwives, parenting in the workplace initiatives and finding other supports in your state.

Legal Supports
Pleasecontact Erik Smith for current lawyers or legal help. There may be some listings on this page for different lawyers who have helped parents in the past, however, due to the low number of lawyers who have won cases for parents, it is hard to endorse. Erik Smith has been doing legal work for many years, focusing primarily on fathers' rights, but has worked with mothers as well.

Also included in Legal supports are the laws in the state pertaining to revocation period, open adoption enforcement level, (none are completely enforceable), father's rights, Original Birth Certificate Access, Safe Haven laws and ability to revoke consent, and anything else that may apply to this state.

Preservation Supports
Most of the preservation supports I have found in the states revolve around intense family preservation and reunification programs. These are generally only work as well as the intentions of those employed.

Post Adoption Support Groups
These supports include emotional support after losing a child or parent to adoption. They also include search support. Unfortunately, due to passion and burn out, many of these groups start and stop quickly. If any appear to be unresponsive that is on my list, please let me know.

No part of this website should be considered legal advice. All information is for general use. Any questions or concerns, please email me at reformadoption(@)gmail.com