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About Us

Reform Adoption is a volunteer project which hopes to network together people working to eliminate the adoption system as it stands, and reinvent it to serve those who are truly orphans. When possible, children should be raised by their parents. If the parents are dead, they should be raised by family members. If there are no living family members, they should be raised by their community members. If all of their community is dead, then this is a sad case and the people responsible for the deaths of this community should not under any circumstances be raising the child.

We hope that through the will of the active participants of the world, we will empower ourselves, and restore the family values of the world.

If anyone has suggestions on websites links, actions and events, media contacts, people who have been targeted by CPS or adoption industries who wish to network to others on this website please send an email to: ReformAdoption.

    Reform Adoption stands for the following (Until adoption is eliminated in its current form):
  • Open records: all records of adoption should be open and available. It should not be a state secret. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Adoption Certificates: No altering of state records should be allowed. If individual citizens aren't allowed to change state documents, the state shouldn't be allowed either. No lies in adoption! Let's keep it real and honest. Birth certificates, and if necessary, adoption certificates, stating natural parents names, and adopted by: adoptive parents names.
  • Family Preservation: We believe that family preservation is paramount. If the parents have abusive or neglecting tendancies, let's help them. Let's offer community support. If the child is in danger, let's keep them with a relative or someone they know or trust. Let's give a voice to the child and ask them what they want, instead of brainwashing them and forcing them to go where some judge says foor them to go, in order to repeat the whole damn cycle over again.
  • Open Adoption Enforcement: We need a National law to protect all families who are in open adoptions. Semi-Open should be eliminated. For the sake of all involved, there should be a way for the child to access their natural family.

You may also send an email to the above address if any of the information on this website is inaccurate, or if a person or organization who is listed requests to be removed.